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NeuroDiverseHub.com: Getting better at diagnosing ASD

Episode 3: Peter Jausovec (@pjausovec), Anze Vodovnik (@avodovnik), and Guillermo Ruiz (@IaaSgeek) discuss the ideas using domain names NeuroDiverseHub.com, MindfulNeuro.com, EmbraceNeuro.com.

The 2012 CDC stats says that one in 88 children is diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder). The same stat from 2020 is one in 54 children, and the number is increasing. The neurodiversity diagnosis takes three to five years, and sometimes you don't even get the whole diagnosis. How can we bring this down to less than a year?

"What if I could build a service that records your voice, your face, instead of taking notes, and then the doctor can go back and review the video and see the child's behavior and make a better diagnosis?"

In this episode, we discuss the ideas around NeuroDiverseHub.com, MindufulNeuro.com, and EmbraceNeuro.com. We go from creating resources to help people learn about neurodiversity to creating an operating manual that helps you (and others) work together and building a non-profit to help parents and kids with autism.

Disclaimer: In this episode, we discuss health topics. Note that we aren't health experts, neither we claim to be. Consult certified professionals for any medical diagnosis.

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