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SoulStrength.com: Immersive Tranquility - AR/VR's New Relaxation Frontier

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Peter Jausovec (@pjausovec) and Guillermo Ruiz (@IaaSgeek) discuss the ideas using the domain name SoulStrength.com


Work-related stress is a significant issue worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labour Organization (ILO) it's estimated that 268 million full-time workers globally suffered from anxiety or depression in 2019, a figure that resulted in a total of 12.8 billion days of work lost. The economic burden of this lost productivity was significant, costing approximately 1.15% of the global GDP in 2019. We suspect this number has gone higher in recent years.


In this episode, we explore the forefront of AR/VR technology to craft immersive retreats into peaceful landscapes, personalized meditation spaces, and healing experiences. Delve into unparalleled levels of relaxation.


Disclaimer: This episode ventures into mental well-being through digital experiences. We are tech enthusiasts, not mental health professionals. Always seek guidance from certified experts for psychological concerns.

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